June 18, 2014
Let’s go straight to the heart of it.

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This month, I’m offering you a special guided meditation for your heart center and lungs. The heart center is the most important energy center in your body. If it is not open allowing energy to flow through with ease, you cannot be or feel in balance. When it is, you feel energized, content and your mind is clear. I always begin my classes with this kind of meditation which helps calm down the system and prepare it for sadhana.

The common and (stereotypical) perception is that meditation means sitting crossed legged (like a pretzel) trying desperately not to move or think of anything. However, there are many ways to meditate and guided meditations are a great place to start.

I invite you to stop whatever you are doing and to give yourself a short & sweet break. Why now?…why not now? :) If you are thinking “I don’t have time or I’ll do this later”… one more reason to click and listen.
Let me take you away for a few minutes through this short but powerful meditation. It will leave you feeling refreshed.

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Sat Nam e un abbraccio,

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