April 02, 2014
How to get your best sleep – my interview with sleep expert Dr. Huynh

One of my most ground breaking realizations has been that sleep reveals much more about your relationship with yourself than you think.


The moment I began to truly understand that the chaos/busyness in my life was a reflection of what I felt inside and that not everything that is positive had to be a result of struggle (i.e.”no pain, no gain”), I also began embracing rest differently.

It’s not only through the unhealthy actions you engage in that you fail to give yourself what you need but also through the good things you withhold from yourself. One of the simplest ways you can start doing yourself some good is with a good night’s sleep.

I’ve been planning this Quietivity media feature for a while and I’m very happy to be able to finally share with you my interview with sleep expert Dr. Nelly Huynh, PhD (Postdoc Stanford University).
We’re talking sleep myths, power naps, the cardiac effects of texting before bed and more + I have a night time yoga tip at the end that may relax you so much you’ll fall asleep on the spot like my interview guest 😉
What does sleep mean to you? Let me know in the comments section or leave some questions for Dr. Nelly. She’ll answer! and share this video with those you care about.
Information is power and it is healing.


Sat Nam,

Valerie xo

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