Quietivity: state of powerful peace


 “Quietivity is the fusion of all my areas of expertise and passions. It is about celebrating life through yoga, art and discovery.” – Valerie Curro Khayat, M.A.


A philosophy of cultivating:  “P.H.L.O.W.”




Personal practice:  

Engaging in a daily practice of yoga and general mindfulness


Holisitic approach:

Seeking to understand through connection. How you do anything, you do everything. Most of all, approaching every experience with an open mind.


Literacy and media:
As children we learn to read books. In our technological world, it has become essential to learn how to “read” media and understand how/why message influence us. Every time we engage with media, we reinforce beliefs in ourselves through those messages we consume.  Quietivity is committed to not only teach media literacy but also produce media that informs, inspires and feeds the mind in healthy ways.


Owning it:

Whatever that ”it” is in your life. Taking responsibility.

The first step towards making any change is understanding that it all starts with ourselves.


Walk the talk: 

It is not enough to know what we need to change and to know of tools that will enable that change. We must take action and be congruent with our word.


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