Any Ways – March 17th, 2014

It can be interesting and even fun to study the ways advertising influences and attempts to deceive the masses. But keeping the discussion focused solely on this would be to distract ourselves from a great opportunity to create… read more here


11 years and 365 days February 25, 2014

Kundalini yoga entered my life naturally,with ease and most of all at a time which, without knowing it, would propel my…read more here


Being in the moment about ”being in the moment” – January 3, 2013

As with many other things, the mainstream media provides us with portrayals of “zen” behaviours and philosophies and we may unconsciously perform these when we are in specific environments whether it is a religious event, a yoga class, etc. However, when we are back home in the most simple daily situations….read more here 


What’s YOUR Media Diet?? – November 12, 2012

The North American quest for wellbeing includes taking a close look at nutrition, exercising, managing stress, etc. We pay attention to what foods we ingest but we forget about….read more here 




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