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“It has been a wonderful life changing experience to practice Kundalini yoga weekly with Val as my instructor! I can see (and feel) my improvement in every class. Now I feel more aware of myself, healthier and with more energy. But definitely what I like the most is that I feel closer and more of a friend to myself. Val is an amazing instructor full of good energy that deeply cares about her students.”

Juliana Marulanda Montoya, PhD student, McGill University (Montreal,Canada)



“To my guide and yoga teacher Val,
You are just wonderful – what can I say? Your mere presence has a powerful & positive effect on the world and me. Thank you for giving me Kundalini yoga – I will have it forever!”

Rajashree, graduate student (Calcutta, India)



“Doing yoga with Valerie is like spending some time away from everything and coming back refreshed. I was surprised at how warm my body felt despite doing exercises that, at first glance, looked “easy” to do. I think what I enjoyed the most is seeing the positive change in me – but also in the other students – with every class.”

Ioana, photographer (Montreal, Canada)




“I want to say thank you for such a wonderful year. Yoga has really helped me in so many ways and I’m truly grateful to have someone like you in my life.”

Julius, barber (Montreal, Canada)



“I was never very interested in yoga until I heard Valerie speak about it. I went to her class and was immediately seduced by the serene environment and safe haven Valerie created just by her presence and words. The exercises were easy to follow and Valerie excels at making yoga accessible to all types of people, whether they are athletic or not at all, which is my case. I enjoyed the effects I observed from the exercises the next few days. She is a very committed instructor and she truly cares about her students and their wellbeing.

My fiancé, who always laughed at yoga and who never took it seriously, very much appreciated the exercises as well and even saw the physical benefits of them, him being very athletic and always needing to move around. Valerie manages to reach all different types of people and she welcomes all who are willing to try.

We highly recommend her as a yoga instructor and all around life coach. The words she speaks while we train are inspiring and stay with you for a long time. Thank you Valerie :)”

Jessica Poirier-Chang, costume/set designer & Tarsem Singh, Film Director

(Montreal,Canada & Los Angeles, U.S.A)




I came to Quietivity in the summer of 2013 as a complete newbie to yoga, after years of entertaining the possibility of taking classes but never following through on that intention. I was immediately blown away by how much Valerie’s Kundalini yoga classes are focused on developing and awakening our own awareness through breath work and an array of mantras and kriyas. I really couldn’t recommend Quietivity enough: Valerie is an outstanding teacher who’s very knowledgeable about the tenets of Kundalini but also very much in tune with the individual needs of her students. I’ve left every single class feeling so energized, at peace and conscious!

Oliver, journalist (Montreal, Canada)

“I participated in Valerie’s Media & Wellness Seminars, and they were fantastic! I practice “Quietivity” today in my little ZEN room, and I find it helps to enhance focus, tune into inner self, and be more productive – I highly recommend the very impressive Quietivity for self-improvement.”

Juliana Pavelka-Johnston, Regional Organizer at Canadian Hemochromatosis Society (Montreal, Canada)


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